Congregation Beit Hillel of Flatlands
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So who are we... ?
     Rabbi Yair Fine began his tenure at Congregation Beit Hillel of Flatlands in September 2010. Prior to that, ‎he had served as Rabbi of Congregation Palm Garden,Brooklyn NY, since 2004.
     The Rabbi was born and raised in Israel in 1976. He now resides in Brooklyn with his wife ‎and four children.‎
     He attended to Rabbinical College at the Slabodka Yeshiva Knesset Israel in Bnei ‎Brak from 1993-1998 and is close to his Rosh Yeshiva Harav Hagaon Reb Moshe Hillel Hirsh Shlit"a, and In 1999 He received his rabbinical ordination (Semicha) from Rabbi Shmuel ‎Eliezer Stern the chief Rabbi of western Benei Brak. After moving to New York Rabbi Fine went on to Yeshivat Birkat Reuven in Brooklyn ‎for Yoreh-Deah Ordination.
BA First Talmudic degree, Slabodka Yeshiva     
MA in Educational Leadership , Bellevue University
NAJC Member, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) VA Harbor Hospital NYC certified ACPE chaplain.
     His work experience includes the following:
‎Summer 2002 Rabbi/Baal Tefilah of the Chief Rabbinate Of Germany at the ‎Jewish Community Center in Bad-Kissingen, Germany
‎1999-2004  Rabbi and Teacher in the Chinuch Hatzmai, Herzelia and Or Yehudah, Israel
 2000-2003 The IDF military Rabbanut  of Israel in the ZAKA and Chevra Kaddisha units.‎
‎2004-2010 Rabbi and Baal Koreh at Palm Garden Nursing Home,Brooklyn, NY‎
‎2004-2013 Rabbi Teaching Hebrew and all Judaic studies in Magen David Yeshiva, Celia ‎Esses High School, Brooklyn, 
 2014- 2017 ,Chair of the Hebrew Department of Yeshivat Shaarei Torah High school for ‎boys, Brooklyn, NY.
 2016- 2017 Intern chaplain ,VA Harbor Hospital NYC 
 2017- 2018 Principal Judaic studies ,East Midwood Hebrew day school, Brooklyn ,NY
 Currently - Rabbi Chaplain - The Hospice of New York
He has also volunteered as a counselor for youth activities for Arachim;‎ lecturer for Lev L’Achim, 
     Afikim & Arachim (Keiruv Organizations), Israel.

      We are an Orthodox synagogue located in Brooklyn NY that has proudly served the Georgetown ‎and Mill Basin communities for over 40 years.‎

‎      We welcome all Jews of any background to our services, and participate in our stimulating ‎and friendly programming.‎ With weekly classes, and daily Minyanim for Shacharit and Mincha Maariv, we are ‎Georgetown's only Full-service shul.‎

      We are promoting new growth in the Jewish population of our Georgetown neighborhood by ‎providing services and support to our current members and young families who are looking to ‎settle in our neighborhood.
We would be pleased to arrange for you a tour of our facility.

Mr. Alex Katz..........................................President
Mr. Volf Klain.................................. Vice President
Mr. Perry Merick............................. Vice President
Mr. Hershi Gottesman.............................. Gabbay
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“And let them make Me a Sanctuary, that I may dwell among them” 
[Ex. 25:8]