Congregation Beis Hillel of Flatlands
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To maintain the sanctity of our shul and seriousness of our davening, please no idle chatter in shul.
פרשת בא in our new Torah is dedicated by Mr. Gerson Smith.

Friday (Jan. 27)
Mincha and Kabbalos Shabbos: 4:57pm
Candle Lighting: 4:49pm (sunset at 5:07pm)

Shabbos (Jan. 28)
Shacharis: 9am (Latest Sof zman Krias Shema is 9:02am/ 9:38am) 
Children’s Program at 9:15am
Gemara Shiur by R’ Moshe Weissman: 3:30pm 
Chavrusah learning and Boys Pirchei: 4pm
Mincha: 4:45pm (sunset is 5:08pm) 
oShalosh Seudos to follow
Maariv: 5:58pm (50 minutes after sunset)
Shabbos Ends: 6:09pm 
Motzei Shabbos Learning/Pizza/Prizes at Rabbi Rappaport’s shul at 6:45pm 

Sunday – Friday (Jan. 29-Feb. 3) 
oSunday: 8am 
oMonday, Thursday: 6:20am 
oTuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 6:25am 
Mincha/Maariv: 5pm