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Nestled right past Ralph Avenue (not too far from Kings Plaza), the Georgetown/Mill Basin community provides an out of town feel – with quiet tree lined blocks, you generally don’t feel the bustle of Flatbush. There are homes large and small for all different budgets, and are generally more affordable than Flatbush or Marine Park. Best of all, there is a feeling of community that is otherwise hard to find in Brooklyn. Meal trains, shidduch meetings, getting together for shiurim are all present. Not to mention traffic is non-existent and parking abundant. There are several shuls (including ours!), shiurim, kosher restaurants, a kosher grocery, a Friday night/Yom Tov Mikvah and a permanent full-service Mikvah presently being built. 

The community features a night Kollel at Rabbi Rappaport’s shul as well as a Bais Medrash, the Yeshiva Gedolah of Mill Basin which under the leadership of Rabbi Yehuda Brick, recently inaugurated its new Bais Medrash building with the participation of Rav Aaron Schechter and many Chaim Berlin Rabbanim. Prominent yeshivos already send buses, including Chaim Berlin, Torah Vodaas, Torah Temima, Mir, Tiferes Yisroel, Tiferes Elimelech, Lev Bais Yaakov, Prospect Park, Bnos Bais Yaakov, and Yeshiva of Brooklyn. And over the past few years, as new yeshivish families have moved into the neighborhood, schools have been very interested in branching out as well, eager to keep young families in Brooklyn. Various supermarkets deliver including Moishe’s, Gourmet Glatt, Mountain Fruit, Shop Smart and Glatt Mart. 

Transportation is available as well. Several MTA buses drive through the neighborhood, including the BM1, which is an MTA express bus that goes to downtown and midtown Manhattan. In addition, the L train from Rockaway Parkway/Canarsie is an 8 minute drive away (and features a park-and-ride lot right next door), and the 2 and the 5 trains at Flatbush Avenue/Brooklyn College is a 10 minute drive away. Additionally, driving into Flatbush is easier than one would think – getting to Flatbush Avenue is generally merely 5 minutes; traffic is usually encountered only once one reaches Flatbush. 

So if you were considering Marine Park but are either getting priced out or just need more room, consider giving Georgetown/Mill Basin a look. Like all good houses on this market, they go fast. The best advice is to do your research – drive around, come for a shabbos, speak to the people, get to know the blocks, get comfortable with the neighborhood – and then keep your eyes glued to the market so that the when the perfect house for you goes on sale, you have the ability to act fast before someone else grabs it. 

We would be happy to give you a tour or host you for a Shabbos. Please reach out and we will make arrangements. 

For additional information about the community, please visit this site. 

Weekdays activities:

Daily Minyanim!

We are proudly host Millennium!
Midwood Center for Active Adults 
Age: 60+
Mon. -  Fri. 8:00am-3:00pm
Daily Glatt Kosher lunch 
Call : 718-253-5557 for more information

Kosher Restaurants

The following establishments are located within the Community:

• Dagan Pizza: 718-209-0636, 6187 Strickland Ave, dairy (Cholov Yisroel) & vegetarian restaurant, catering available. Supervision: Vaad Harabanim Of Flatbush

• Dagan Grill: 718-444-4100, 6185 Strickland Ave., Glatt kosher meat restaurant. Supervision: Vaad Harabanim Of Flatbush

• Hunan West: 718-444-1678, 6165 Strickland Ave., Glatt kosher Chinese meat restaurant. Supervision: Rabbi Gornish

• Main House BBQ: 718-673-8773, 6001 Strickland Ave., Glatt kosher BBQ / Smokehouse meat restaurant. Supervision: Vaad Harabanim of Flatbush

• Dunkin' Donuts: 718-332-8918, 2501 Ave U, Donuts, Coffee, bagels - Supervision: National Kosher Supervision, Rabbi Mehlman 


• Mill Basin Shuk: 718-241-5600, 6324 Ave N., all kosher grocery, bread, meat, deli, takeout, catering, delivery available. Supervision: Rabbi Levy


The current Mill Basin women’s mikvah is located within Cong. Zichron Moshe Feinstein and is available only for Friday nights and Yom Tov evenings. Please contact Rebbetzin Rappaport for an appointment. A NEW full time mikvah is in the process of being built! Please see their website: for full details and sponsorship opportunities!